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Matching and Commerce SaaS

   The "sameboat" services support TLD¹ ops as basis for enterprise application service using C六 , a curated set of d7 and d8 modules ² operating in my DDD³ TLD, ai-integration. Just purchase a priced public name from your registrar of choice and assign its name servers to your TLD hosts, develop/admin in the alt-root .dom TLD space, serve the purchased name to the wild from protected hosts. Current vertical SKUs on this base:

  • Matching - Supplies R based matching algorithms in a C六 context.
  • Shopify Commerce -  d8 Commerce and d7 Shopify in a  C六 context.

The mgt service is quarterly recurring with price shown for given number of mid low range EC2 or linode hosts,The vertical service SKUs are different bundlings of hosting or using the service against the TLD host or your separately purchased server(s).

The code is free to first class users of my domains. You can establish a server base and immediately cancel recurring billing and maintain the software yourself. However at this time a custom consult would be necessary to migrate to a later level of the automated management service.

Completely open source so you can self host/manage at any time.

¹ Top Level Domain
² Drupal 7/8
³ Domain Driven Development