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C六  based PaaS

   The "sameboat" platform as a service is a set of stackable¹ vertical feature set SKUs on the C六 / DS base with function in these areas:

  • Commerce - 
    DS Oscar - SQL-Ledger - Shopify integration.
  • Local Directory -
    Community directory including craigslist like functionality.
  • Matching -
    Applies Gale-Shapley, Irving, and Top Trading Cycle generalized to arbitrary suitable objects, notably C六 drupal and django OWL RDF.

The base C六 / DS open sources are available to developer or operator class users of my domains, so if you just want the software to run without the additional service and don't need Shopify integration, you should just get that level of privilege, get the code² and setup your own servers. You can then keep those servers current with the service only SKUs, assuming they conform to the DS scheme for software distribution which implies you have setup an equivalent to the TLD hosting SKU.

DS is "Domain Space", my bundling of function for a number of services which includes a TLD³ service. Enterprise setup bundles acquisition of your public mark with other premium services for turnkey devops with a calendar year of larger TLD hosting and net billing of any needed additional capacity, it is an omnibus offering so you only select it alone.

The TLD hosting feature set includes the local directory feature set so it's only use as a service only SKU is to get a base C六 license for unmanaged MCP hosting . The unqualified SKU includes a quarter of hosting with  2 mid low range EC2 or linode hosts which you can augment with additional nodes for your cluster.

Although source development is oriented to calendar quarters, for the PaaS a SLA quarter is defined as 90 day intervals from a start transaction. 

¹Stackable here means that you can incrementally add the functions to a base established with any one of them.
² Practically if you intend to use Shopify integration features you should get at least 1 quarter of a PaaS SKU.
³ Top Level Domain. Use a public name from your registrar of choice and assign its name servers to your TLD hosts, develop/admin in the private suffix space, serve the purchased name to the wild from the public names on the same hosts. Two hosts are required for and included in the TLD SKU