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Python and PHP CMS  based SaaS

   The "sameboat" SaaS uses  TLD¹ ops as platform for an enterprise development service using C六 ² , and django among others. 

Stackable vertical SKUs on this C六 base:

  • Commerce -  d8 Commerce and d7 Shopify integrated.
  • Local Directory - Craigslist type functionality.
  • Matching - Applies Gale-Shapley, Irving, and Top Trading Cycle to a standardized person and commodity schema.

Use a  public name from your registrar of choice and assign its name servers to your TLD hosts, develop/admin in the private suffix space, serve the purchased name to the wild from the public names on the same hosts. Two hosts are required for and included in the TLD SKU. Enterprise setup bundles acquisition of your public mark with other premium services for turnkey devops with a calendar year of larger TLD hosting and net billing of any needed additional capacity.

The distribution service only or non-TLD hosting is quarterly recurring with price shown for 1 mid low range EC2 or linode host. The vertical hosting SKUs are different bundlings of 1 such host with a single vertical. You can combine these with additional verticals in a non-TLD hosting. Advanced cluster oriented features to be rolled out will generally require TLD ops, but standalone public will be supported as well. 

The code is free to developer or operator class users of my domains. You can establish a server base and immediately cancel recurring billing and maintain the software yourself.³ Although development is oriented to calendar quarters, for the SaaS a SLA quarter is defined as 90 day intervals from a start transaction. 

The quarterly TLD SKU includes all verticals and is meant to be an omnibus offering with price protection for early adopters against the expected price rise as more function is rolled out and more hosting is bundled allowing you to separately purchase hosting and use the SaaS service only on those hosts.

Completely open source so you can self host/manage at any time.

¹ Top Level Domain
² Drupal 7/8
³However at this time a custom consult would be necessary to migrate to a later level of the service after an interruption as I'm only supporting ops on HEAD. With a developer account in my domains, you can do the migration yourself and restart the SaaS aligned to the last calendar quarters release.