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C六 SaaS/PaaS

   The "sameboat" platform as a service is a set of stackable¹ vertical feature set SKUs of the C六 Domains CMS network product independent of  DS  but  with function in these areas:

  • Commerce

    DS Uniform COA: Oscar - SQL-Ledger - Shopify integration.
  • Local Directory Network

    Community directory including craigslist like functionality. Geo nodes may join the sameboat domain as independent operators or franchisees or the Saas/Paas may be independently operated.
  • Matching

    Applies Gale-Shapley, Irving, and Top Trading Cycle generalized to arbitrary suitable objects, notably C六 drupal and django OWL RDF.

DS is "Domain Space", my bundling of domain engineering services under the ægis of the autonomous .dom TLD³. 

Pricing is based on mode and there is a low cost DIY option. If you just want the software to run, don't need DCP service, want to use your own servers, and want to do all provisioning yourself, just get at least Y class  AKPERSON access to the distribution services.

In the PaaS options,  computing inventory of your TLD and its dependent clusters is provisioned dynamically from your Linode and/or AWS account. 

In the SaaS option, you provision the hosting of your choice and install the DCMS distribution service and thereafter use enable its update service. 

The PaaS / SaaS prices here are extended service agreements corresponding to the  Operator and F Class AKPERSON SKUs/entitlements, from my Rate Chart on 5 February 2022, respectively and are converted from DS IMU prices. As always, actual prices are only known at Point of Sale when 3rd party fees,  currency conversions and other conditions transact real time. 

¹Stackable here means that you can incrementally add the functions to a base established with any one of them.

² Practically if you intend to use Shopify integration features you should get at least 1 quarter of a PaaS SKU.

³ Top Level Domain. See the AKDOMSVC and AKDOMHST SKUs.