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控 制 程 序 4721

Coordinate with MCP/CP 4721, Domain Control Program 4721 designates support for  Domain Space (DS) at the highest level and is unbundled in this SKU from the AKSAMBAR PaaS option(s).  

Besides the DCP,  TLD (top level domain) operation in the DS scheme is implemented at a lower level by the Czech FRED system. If you can provision and configure that yourself, the conventions for integration with the DS scheme are trivial.

DCP is a combination of lisp, prolog, and haskell code implementing a generic knowledge engineering platform, oriented to domain driven development. The KEE is the principal component but it is also provides coordination of domains above the MCP level and provides automation for FRED.

The price is that of AKPERSON devops entitlement at the discounted rate with fx struck on 2022-03-07.