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控 制 程 序 4721
MCP is an operating system construct composed of CP 4721 deployed using snap and docker images based on current Debian starting with 9 (or Ubuntu 18.04). The sizes are options for bundled hosting at Linode or AWS with these elements preconfigured and include the hosting. 

CP 4721 for 4718 is a lisp and docker based solution for a single system image using NetCLOS at the lispOS level and Algol68/c++ at the WFL (Work Flow Language) level adapted to scale in commodity cloud venues.

The source software is available to authenticated users of my domain with sufficient privilege so if you want to self host, this item which includes an automated maintenance service for the host size options whose prices track the end vendors rate changes as they occur, is redundant with that.

Two instances of this item at the selected size can be managed by the AKDOMSVC SaaS SKU for automated management of the TLD required by the AKSAMBAR SKU service only SKUs.